Analysis of Previous Experiments / Prototypes

In order for us to move forward with the project in a more effective manner, we started with analyzing what we have done before. The previous prototypes (Hybios 2.0 & 2.1) were analyzed mainly for the methods used and the resultant geometries obtained by these methods. The results and failures of each prototype were documented to give insight for the problems that need to be solved in the next prototype.

The main intention of documenting the choreography of the random stretching procedures is to obtain a draft for a set of instructions, or a 'pseudo code' for the construction team to carry on the construction.

A quick experiment to obtain a clearer mapping of the curvatures of the generated topologies was carried out. A grid was projected onto the surface of the prototypes. The intention being to give purpose for the these curvatures rather than just being manipulators of the internal space. Possible environmental responses such as sheltering canopies at entrances and channeling rainwater were discussed.

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