Fabric / Concrete Cloth Testing

The past two weeks we decided to get our hands dirty, and take a stab at material testing. 

We tested the fabric that we have been using to create the HYBIOS and several other fabrics, such as cotton and scrim. We used a meter to measure the weight devised from pulling, as well as the displacement threshold before the material would break. The materials were tested on a 1000x1000x1000 mm frame.

Concrete cloth was tested at 4 mm thickness. The maximum displacement was about 400 mm, after which the concrete cloth would break.

A curvature analysis and a displacement calculation were produced. We modeled the resultant form that was the result of pulling the Concrete Cloth at the center. The displacement calculation would help us in setting limits for the next analogue and digital experiments. ANSYS was used to create the displacement chart of an 8 mm  concrete shell with steel mesh reinforcement. 

The Material was hydrated and left to set completely for about 24 hours. 

Many problems were encountered, but the material successfully deformed using the pulling and tensioning method. We noticed that pushing the material up with a stick produced lesser deformed curvatures. Creases and ripping should be avoided.

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