Slab Deflection Test/ Reinforcment Comparison

A deflection test was carried out for 6 different slabs with different reinforcement materials, to compare the structural integrity of different wall assembly options. Slab 00 started with no reinforcement, Slab 1.1 + 1.2 were reinforced with a concrete cloth and a metal mesh respectively. Slab 2.1 + 2.2 were reinforced with metal meshes of different porosities.

 Slab 3.0 was reinforced with BarChip fibre and a hexagonal mesh. The results clearly show that BarChip is an excellent material choice for the re-inforcement of shotcrete for the use on the freeform mesh. The BarChip  fibre reinforced slab broke at a weight of 247, which is amazingly stronger than any other reinforcement option we have tested.

Thank you to Elasto Plastic BarChip for sending in samples for us to test: http://www.elastoplastic.com/

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