A Program Generic to the System

The material exploration carried forth previously allowed us to create forms and spatial differentiation of distinctive qualities. The gradient of change in spatial fluidity, circulation and light qualities indicated the choosing of a public celebrated space. The ease of construction allowed for the process to be carried even in underprivileged countries. 

Our hubs of information exchange will be placed strategically in dark areas of our previous diagram. To connect the emerging professionals and creatives in those under-connected regions to the larger global network. The hubs will be placed specifically in areas where climate is warm and dry, to take advantage of the potential value of the light wells as air circulation vents.

Programs generic to the spatial qualities derived earlier in the process were listed, and the ones needed by the main purpose of a Creative Communication Hub were chosen to list the sub programs needed by each main program.

The 'sub programs' were then listed and packed into the main program spaces, their natural lighting needs differentiate between dark, diffused and well-lit spaces.

Light wells are placed according to the sub program needs and clustered according to needs of adjacency. the diffused light from different sized light wells was roughly simulated using charge and adjacency as the main parameters.

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